Interior Photography

  • $227 – up to 2,500sq ft.
  • $247 – 2,500 to 4,000 sq ft.
  • $297 – 4,000 to 6,000 sq ft.

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  • Our Interior photography generally consists of 35 finished, enhanced shots, each in a high resolution size for listings and brochures and the same, smaller image for typical MLS listings.

 *Call us for larger estate listings that require more images or special situations.

Aerial Photography

  • $197.00

IMG_5417-1024x730We are famous for our dramatic Aerial photography, using a quadrocopter carried camera that allows your buyers to see the property from a different and unique perspective – an overall view that illustrates the home in its surrounding environment. This sets the listing apart from all others. While the difference in presentation can be visually dramatic, the impact is wonderfully subtle for clients. At Dallas Air Photos, the sky in no longer the limit.

  • Our drones provide a different perspective with every few feet they move, allowing us to take a large amount of pictures, giving us the opportunity to choose the absolute best views of your property. We deliver 5 to 7 finished, enhanced shots, each in the standard, high resolution size for listings and brochures, and the same, smaller image for typical MLS listings.
  • Feedback from Realtors proves that adding an aerial perspective to their listings provides an excellent return on investment. Not only do the listings sell faster, but they also command greater attention than other comparable properties with only the standard ground view of the home. According to MLS statistics, the properties we photographed sold 68% faster!

Commercial Projects


  • North Texas is exploding with growth. Land parcels are becoming more of a listing commodity than they ever have before. If you have one you’re trying to sell, we’re the guys to call. More and more of our business are requests from Realtor’s that need to show off large parcels of land. Our aerial photography captures the “big picture.”  Superimposing boundary lines, clearly shows the lot for sale.

Special Projects


  • As you can see from the examples on our Special Projects page, Dallas Air Photos has been involved in a wide variety of special events. We encourage you to call or write for pricing. We’re proud of the projects that we’ve been entrusted to document and we’d love to help you with any type of project that needs to be filmed or photographed from above.  If you want to see the big picture, we can help. From family gatherings, to aerial inspections, to the Macy Thanksgiving day parade in New York… We’re on top of it.

That’s it?

Yep. That’s our pricing structure.

What about all the other stuff?

Whether it’s Aerial or Interior shots, you, the Realtor have purchased the images from us and own them outright to use as you desire. Every photograph we take is touched up appropriately and provided to you in two versions: Full, high resolution to use for fliers and other marketing uses, and an identical smaller MLS version.

Dallas Air Photos prides itself on providing the highest quality images in the Realty photography market. We offer a very simple pricing structure, immediate delivery of images to the client, and a very simple guarantee: “If you’re not happy with our results, you don’t pay.” Period.

What makes Dallas Air Photos different?

We want to earn your trust and your business. And we don’t load our pricing with “revenue enhancing” up-sells.

  • We don’t sell Temporary Usage Rights and then charge Permanent usage rights.
  • We don’t sell our services by the hour or charge for extra time.
  • We don’t charge for additional photos.
  • We don’t sell Leasing packages, Marketing images, or Commercial packages – You own every image, immediately and forever.
  • We own our own Aerial equipment and don’t charge exorbitant prices that can exceed $700 or more that most realty photographers charge. $227 is our flat rate.
  • We don’t charge “rush” delivery charges – ever.
  • We don’t charge extra to make the grass green or the sky blue like most others.
  • We don’t charge you for acts of God like inclement weather.
  • We never charge a cancellation fee.

Service Area

Our primary service area is the Dallas Metroplex. Please refer to the service area map for additional travel fees associated with residential, commercial and inspection photography services.

Depending on the scope of the work, these fees are often waived or reduced. Please contact Joe Carriere at 214-914-6999 to discuss your needs.


Have drone, will travel. In addition to our standard service area, Dallas Air Photos has been trusted to document special projects from coast to coast, and in one case, Europe. If you have needs outside of the North Texas area, contact Joe to discuss.
214-914-6999 (cell)

Tips for a better residential aerial image:

  • Open blinds or shutters
  • Trim trees if possible and blow away all leaves
  • Remove any vehicles from view
  • Trash cans and water hoses
  • If there is a pool, make sure it is clean
  • Remove any and all pool equipment / toys
  • Make sure decks / pool furniture is neatly placed
  • If there is lawn equipment, make sure it is clean and staged properly or stored out of sight
  • Remove any seasonal items to prevent dating photos

The small print: maintains the usage rights of any photo taken by us, to be displayed on our website simply as promotional material.