Regulatory Compliance

FAA-logo is Registered, Certified and Compliant with FAA rules covering drone usage.

Currently, the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA) is deciding how it is going to regulate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) due to their increased use in commercial business as well as by hobbyists. At present, the guidelines require the UAV must be flown within the line of sight of the operator, less than 400 feet above the ground, during daylight conditions and cannot be operated near airports.

The State of Texas has introduced House Bill 912, relating to images captured by unmanned vehicles and aircraft.

Sec. 423.002.  OFFENSE: ILLEGAL USE OF UNMANNED VEHICLE OR AIRCRAFT TO CAPTURE IMAGE. (a) A person commits an offense if the person uses or authorizes the use of an unmanned vehicle or aircraft to capture an image without the express consent of the person who owns or lawfully occupies the real property captured in the image.

DallasAirPhotos is in FULL compliance with the Federal and State guidelines as they are currently written (or pending). Most currently, we have become an FAA registered operator and are in full compliance, as we always have, to legally operate a drone as a commercial business.

Don’t let the confusion and uncertainty regarding operating a drone that has permeated the past distract you. DallasAirPhotos is fully licensed, compliant and certified to operate.

*DallasAirPhotos carries a two million dollar liability insurance policy.